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13 Best Ways How To Store Your Sex Toys, Dildos & Vibrators

It doesn’ matter what sex toy are we talking about – fleshlight, dildo, butt plug, or else. It’s important that you clean and dry your toys before storing them! Your toys are usually sticky after the use, and it’s a perfect place for the bad bacteria to multiply.

How to Store Sex Toys Safely | Adam & Eve's Guide to Sex

As cliché as they might be, underneath the bed and nightstand drawers both make good spots for your sex toy stash. If you’re worried about someone finding your sex toys by accident, you should invest in a nice storage box with a combination lock. Keep Your Sex Toys From Touching

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To clean your silicone dildo, you have 3 choices: 1. Pop it in the dishwasher. 2. Boil it for a few minutes. 3. Wipe it clean with a wet cloth and sex toy cleaner. Be sure to store your silicone dildos separately from other silicone sex toys, or they may react with one another. Also remember never to use silicone lube with a silicone dildo.

Sex Toys: Storage For Your Dildos and Other Sex Toys

Storage Ideas For Your Sex Toys. So I got asked today to write a post on the proper storage of sex toys. When I read the comment from a fellow blogger, it brought to mind the Ikea commercial I was ...

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Sex Toy Storage 101: The Best Sex Toy Bags/Boxes, and How ...

Best for glass dildo storage Keep your toys nice and warm If you’ve read our guide on the best glass dildos , you’ll know that glass is temperature-responsive, so it warms up or cools down according to its environment.

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A lot of luxury sex toys now come with their own pouches and special boxes, allowing you to store them individually. A cheap and cheerful way to store your sex toys is to use cardboard boxes, envelopes or socks to ensure the materials don't touch.

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I have read that you should store each toy in its own zippy top plastic bag. (Wash, dry, then store.) I don't know how the plastic and the silicone would or wouldn't interact, though.

How To Store Sex Toys: Ideas For Boxes, Bags, Shelves

When storing sex toys, there's really no wrong answer — as long as you're storing them safely."Make sure toys are thoroughly clean, disinfected, dried, and conditioned (if it’s leather) before ...

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For now i store in clean condition (well washed after use and before used them) all he dildos that i have, in the original boxes, in a closet, I prefer dildos in medium or large size (from 7-9 inches, 1.5 - 2 wide) and from this reason i find out that is difficult to storing and hide (from guests), lol.