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pelvic cramping after njoy sex toy

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A Lady's Guide to Getting to Know Your Genitals

Sex Toy Review: The Njoy Pure Wand Delivers Amazing G-Spot Orgasms. ... all I can conclude is that something occurs during or after sex (or sexually active period), perhaps stress, friction and/or ...

How To Use A Vibrator To Have A Mind-Blowing Orgasm

Use it to relieve cramps. Vibrators are more than for just pleasure: “A little known fact about vibrators is that some people have said they help with pelvic and vaginal pain during sex,” sex ...

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Transmission can occur from person to person when sex toys are shared, or a person could re-infect themselves if the toys are not cleaned properly. To prevent transmission of and STD via sex toys, be sure to clean them after every use, and always use a condom on things used for penetration, such as dildos and vibrators.