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Harry Potter and the Magic Sex Toy - Chapter 1 - Breadero ...

The image of Hermione came up in his head and it made him start to fuck the toy even harder. Ron grunted loudly, knowing no one would hear him in the room. He felt is climax approaching and started to give his all to chase it. Harry’s eyes rolled back in his head as he came hard under the sheets with the cock fucking him all through his orgasm.

Owned Chapter 2, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

Hermione nodded and said " In most sense's it is, however a person can still choose to enter into servitude to another in the wizarding world Harry, so in a legal way you now have three slaves who hold the titles of wife, probably mistress, and toy."

Draco's New Toy Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

Disclaimer: All characters from Harry Potter are the property of J.K. Rowling. No infringement is intended and no profit made from their use. This story is rated M for sexual content and language. As she turned over, Hermione felt the cold of the floor on her arms and she hoped she had such a bad dream it knocked her off her bed.

Hermione's Toys, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

A H/Hr ONE SHOT! Hermione's Toys. Harry and Hermione were sitting in a regular muggle pub having some drinks. Harry and Hermione have been dating for over 3 months. The. reason Hermione's relationship didn't last with Ron was because Ron lacked in a certain department. Harry dumped Ginny because she was just.

Love is Twisted Chapter 1: Hermione finds the lier, a harry ...

((i don't own harry potter and i'm sorry my spelling isn't the best or the lover sceans if you don't like this fanfic then don't tell me i don't want to know and latter on Ron will find out who Hermione's new lover is i diss like ginny and lavander and ron so they are gonnta get it latter on Enjoy or EnHate this story))

Slytherin Toy - Chapter 1 - moonshine55glitter - Harry Potter ...

Chapter 1. Hermione had been very proud to have been chosen to be a Prefect starting her fifth year. She didn’t know exactly who the other Prefects were, not Harry or Ron, but she didn’t care. All of her hard work had paid off and it was finally recognized. She couldn’t have been more proud to tell her parents when the letter came.

Re-Ordered: Stealing Luna :: FicWad: fresh-picked original ...

Harry flipped Luna around, and soon had her pinned with her arse in the air. Hermione ran into the first room, while Harry and Luna kissed deeply. WHAP! Hermione suddenly slapped Luna's arse with a ruler the room had conjured. "Ow! Wow!" Luna exclaimed.

Fanfic: In the Library, Harry Potter | FanFiction

Harry's hands slid under Hermione's skirt, rough-skinned fingers running over smooth thighs. Hermione gasped, strangely loud in the quiet air. "Hush, 'Mine, you wouldn't want anyone to hear you" Harry purred into her ears. Hermione felt a small nip of teeth on her earlobe, and hot breath on the back of her neck.

The new Mrs Potter Chapter 2 One Wife, a harry potter fanfic ...

Fleur is now Harry's property, for him to use any way he wants, and her natural way is to become his sex toy. The only way out of it is if either of them dies." Hermione looked at Fleur with some tears in her eyes.

Harry Potter's Rise to Power: Chapter 1 :: FicWad: fresh ...

Harry catches her as she collapses and steps into the room. Tossing her on the bed, Harry finds her wand and breaks it; before ripping the clothing from her body and tying her wrists behind her back. Using a full body binding spell, Harry carried her to the stool under the noose. He then slipped the noose around her neck and tightens it down.