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What do you prefer dildo or vibrator? - GirlsAskGuys

I actually like both about the same amount. Vibrator on my clit gets me excited. Then the dildo fills me up and finishes the job with a very good...

Girls, Dildo vs vibrator vs penis. Which do you prefer and ...

What Girls Said (6) Anonymous. +1 y. 1- Penis 2- Vibrator 3- Dildo. A penis to me is like a mix of both a dildo and a vibrator, but a penis is better cause it's actually someone you're attractive to which would make me cum faster and feel better. 0 | 0. 0 | 0. erandal | 1.1K opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Explorer.

12 women explain why they prefer vibrators to sex with men ...

Women open up about why they prefer vibrators, dildos and sex toys compared to having sex with men 'They don’t talk, they last longer than four seconds and you can get rid of them straight after.'

What It's Like to Use Sex Toys - How to Use a Dildo or Vibrator

Do you think it's possible to use sex toys too often? Woman A: Theoretically, since I've never heard of this problem. Like anything, I think if it gets in the way, it might become a problem.

How Women Really Feel About Vibrators

It turns out the women preferred the smaller, subtler designs to the phallic-shaped options of vibrators past. In fact, 77 out of 100 women crowned a small pink pebble-shaped toy the winner.

Fingers versus vibrator for female masturbation? - GirlsAskGuys

I used to do just do it with my fingers, until I got a vibrator. I do get really bored with vibrators, though. But I got really bored with my fingers. After moving out and actually being old enough to purchase sex toys, I've found ones that I really like and some I don't. Nothing beats the real thing, though.

ladies, do you like dildos ? | Talk About Marriage

It was me who bought one about 2 yrs ago -when suddenly My sex drive exploded & he was having trouble keeping up with me , but in all honesty, I didnt care to use it , probably only did 3 times total. I bought a vibrator and a dildo, liked the dildo better, but absolutely no comparison to the real thing. I do not care for doing it alone at all.

Women: Are vibrators better than men? Explain... | Grasscity ...

can't, then you better allow me to finish with a vibrator while you're sucking my nipples or something. Now that feels super good, because rarely can men do both nipple sucking, and a good fucking at the same time. One usually takes precedent over the other. LOL. Anyways, penis will always be better because I don't use dildos.