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Sharing Sex Toys... - TheBody

In general, it seems that sharing sex toys with a partner would be low-risk (there's no evidence that anyone has been infected this way).

Sex toys and the risk of HIV transmission | aidsmap

Sex toys come into direct contact with rectal and/or vaginal mucosal membranes, which can both transmit HIV and are susceptible to infection. Sharing an uncleaned dildo or other toy can transfer infectious fluids from an HIV-positive person to an uninfected person, making transmission possible.

Are sex toys safe? - NHS

There is an increased risk of bacterial vaginosis in women who have sex with women who have a history of sharing sex toys, or whose partners have bacterial vaginosis. Avoiding blood-borne infections. Do not share any sex toy that may draw blood from the skin, as this type of sex toy can pass on blood borne infections.

7 things you should NEVER do with your sex toy

THEY DON'T! A further 45% wrongly believe that you can't catch a Sexually Transmitted Infection if you share a toy with someone who is infected.YOU CAN.

Ask Greg: Can I Get Herpes From a Sex Toy? | One Medical

Ideally, you shouldn’t share sex toys – just get your own! This also goes for other intimate objects like razors. I once had a patient come in with a common bacterial skin infection called folliculitis on his face.

6 sex toys to share with your partner on Valentine's Day

After you insert the toy inside the female, the male partner can also enter at the same time to create a triple sensation. With the other version, you can connect to it via Bluetooth and use your...

Sex Toys and STIs: 20 Facts About Risk, Safer Sex, Cleaning, More

If you’re sharing a sex toy, make it a nonporous sex toy. That way you can wash the toy between every party using it.

9 Household Items That Can Double as Sex Toys – SheKnows

The sex toy industry is a billion-dollar market with countless makes, models and modes designed to maximize pleasure and boost your sex life. Yet some of the very first sex toys we’re exposed to ...

How to Clean Your Sex Toys and Accessories: 9 Do’s, Don’ts

Putting in a little effort to properly clean and store your sex toys helps keep you and your partner(s) safe and your sex toys in tiptop shape.